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A solid design forms the important basis for a successful execution of a drilling or pressing. Our engineers are in direct contact with our project leaders, executors and drill masters. All designs are checked on site for technical feasibility. This includes looking at the existing cables and pipes, the space required for setting up the drilling equipment and the pipes to be retracted. But also to traffic measures to be taken and other facilities to be able to realize the drilling or pressing in a safe way. In this way a complete design is created that is tailored to the wishes of the customer, the regulations of the authorities involved and the environment.


Our scope of engineering: 

  • Design Drawings for HDD – Drilling, Auger Pilot Drilling and Steel Pressing
  • Site layout drawing
  • Drawing for pipe stringing and overbend constructions
  • As built drawings
  • Drilling Fluid Pressure Calculations  
  • Pulling force calculations
  • Press force calculations for (pilot) auger drilling
  • Geotechnical research
  • KLIC – reporting and processing the information in the design drawing
  • Complete drilling plan (work plan)
  • R.I.E.
  • QHSE – plan
  • Permit application from Prorail, Rijkswaterstaat, province and water board
  • Drawings, calculations and work plans for innovative solutions
  • Drawings, calculations and work plans in the Tender Phase

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