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Horizontal Directional Drilling

With the HDD drilling technique (Horizontal Direction Drilling) objects can easily be crossed over bigger distances without excavation. A small excavation pit at the start and end of the drilling is sufficient to execute the drilling.

With the HDD technology, pipes of HDPE, steel, cast iron, GRP and GRE can be installed which serve as a casing or medium-carrying pipe for, among other things, drinking water, waste water, process water, low pressure gas, high pressure gas, biogas, district heating, oil , fiber optic, medium and high voltage cables.

HDD – drilling in the past was mainly used for crossing rivers, canals, railways and highways. Today, this technique is increasingly used for crossing nature-sensitive areas, existing cables and pipes, rows of trees and in industrial areas and in urban areas.

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About Horizontal Directional Drilling

An HDD drilling is carried out with a so-called drilling rig. The capacity of the drill rig determines the length and diameter to be realised. Holland Drilling has a modern and complete machine park with which it is possible to work efficiently in accordance with the set requirements and standards. The fleet includes eight HDD drilling rigs with a capacity of 2.5 to 80 tons, with which lengths up to 1,000 meters and diameters up to 900 mm can be realized.

What makes these machines unique is their exceptional compactness. Holland Drilling has the most compact 45- and 80-ton drill rig on the market and can therefore reach locations that are inaccessible to others.

We use the most modern technology for plotting and measuring the bore and locating the existing cables and pipes. Our employees on site have all information available online and immediately record the drilling parameters digitally.

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