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This is Holland Drilling

Society is changing rapidly and technological developments follow each other in rapid succession. The existing underground network for energy, water and data must be adapted and expanded more and more often to continue to meet the increasing need. At the same time, the available time and space decreases and the environment requires minimal nuisance. Specialists are needed for this.

Holland Drilling is the specialist for the design and realization of every trenchless intersection for the underground infrastructure. This includes crossings with railways, waterways and highways for the trenchless construction of MS and Hs cables for, among other things, solar and wind farms, drinking and waste water pipelines, heat pipelines, gas and oil pipelines, culverts and casing pipes.

With a large team, we ensure that the existing underground network is constantly improved and renewed. We also ensure that new networks are created every day. Our team of specialists from both the indoor and outdoor workers ensure optimal results.


What we stand for

As an independent drilling company, Holland Drilling wants to be a versatile, reliable and flexible partner that wants to serve its customers on the basis of a Full Service strategy. This with a focus on good craftsmanship, working consciously and striving for sustainable cooperation with its customers, employees and suppliers.

Versatile and innovatively driven are also important characteristics of Holland Drilling. From a telecom borehole under a driveway to a rock borehole for a 25 bar drinking water pipeline on the island of Cyprus. From a pilot-controlled auger drilling DN200 under the Dutch railway network to a DN1,400 auger drilling for the construction of an 80 bar gas transport pipeline between Berlin and Dresden. But also the replacement of a drinking water pipeline by means of Pipe Bursting and the relining of 700 meters of drinking water pipeline within one day with minimal nuisance to the environment shows the versatility and the innovative character of Holland Drilling.

How we do it

Holland Drilling has a team of enthusiastic and committed professionals who design, prepare and carry out all drilling and pressing operations based on the customer’s requirements. Good communication, working safely and delivering the required quality are paramount.

The diameters vary from 32 to 1,720 mm with drill lengths of up to 1,500 metres. Our working area largely consists of the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, but is not limited to them. For example, we have been able to contribute to major projects in France and Denmark and on the island of Cyprus.


  • Our certifications:
    • ISO 9001
    • ISO 14001
    • ISO 27001
    • VCA**
    • Safety culture ladder – Level 4
    • CO2 – prestatieladder niveau 3
    • Prorail certified
    • CKB – certified
    • Certified contractor Blegium
    • Member of association NSTT

Our equipment

Holland Drilling has a modern and extensive machine park. With every investment, a lot of attention is paid to safety, ergonomics and emissions. Much equipment is developed in-house or custom built for us.

Quick impression of our equipment:

  • 8 HDD – drilling rigs from 2½ to 150 tons pulling force
  • 5 pilot guided auger machiens up to 320 tons
  • Fully equipped drill carriage for steel pressings
  • Pipe Bursting machine
  • 4 vacuüm trucks
  • 7 trucks
  • 4 low loaders
  • 8 excavators
  • Additional equipment
    • Pipe rolers  & Pipe cradles
    • Trench formwork
    • Sheet sheet piles & vibration hammer
    • In-house developed equipment

Do you have any questions or would you like a quotation? Feel free to contact us!