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Pilot guided auger drilling

Traditional auger drilling technology has been used for decades to install pipes under roads and railways by means of hydraulic press cylinders and auger drills. For several years now, these drilling operations can also be carried out in a controlled manner, whereby a pilot is drilled first. The position is determined by means of a laser. With an auger drilling, a press tub is necessary to place the machine at the desired mounting level and a (small) receiving tub for receiving the bore on the receiving side. Auger drilling is normally performed above groundwater level. If groundwater is present, the groundwater level can be temporarily lowered or a so-called water seal can be applied.


About auger drilling

With the auger drilling technique, pipes of steel, concrete, vitrified clay, GRP, GRE, PVC and HDPE can be installed, which serve as a casing pipe for cables and pipes or directly as a medium-carrying pipe for, for example, process water.

We have specialized in auger drilling since 1980 and therefore have enormous experience. For auger drilling, we have five pilot-controlled auger drilling rigs with which diameters can be applied up to and including 1,720 mm.

With this extensive machine park we have the most efficient machine available for every project and we can even deploy several machines simultaneously on a project.

For crossing the Dutch railways, we have the Prorail certificate S-D(A), S-D(B), S-D(C) and S-D(D), which allows drilling up to 5 meters in diameter.

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