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Pipe bursting

In the Dutch subsurface there is a network of thousands of kilometers of pipes that provide companies and homes with water, data and energy. Many of these pipes are more than forty years old and in need of replacement. In the past forty years, the infrastructure in the Netherlands has expanded enormously, so that replacing these pipes is increasingly impossible or causes a lot of nuisance. Trenchless techniques are therefore increasingly being sought to make it technically possible and to limit the nuisance to the environment to a minimum.


About pipe bursting

Pipe bursting is such a trenchless method in which an existing pipe can be replaced by a new one with the same diameter without having to break open a street over the entire length.

Holland Drilling has a very compact pipe bursting machine with which pipes up to a diameter of 323 mm can be replaced easily and safely. Due to the compactness of the machine, only a small work pit is required.

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